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Rubix Lion

Esther Basher

Rubix Lion. Using only Rubix cubes, this Wildlife series presents the majestic beasts that rule our landscapes.
This is my first piece of this collection, and the real base for this project.  This artwork helped us decide what this collection was going to be about. I wanted to do something representative of my childhood, something that has inspired me all along. That is when I got the idea of working on wild animals. This piece specifically was inspired by my all time favourite animated movie “The Lion King”. It comes as an inspiration because of its heartwarming story and its meaningful life lessons. As a symbol of courage, strength and leadership, The Lion King comes to teach us that life’s not easy, but it depends on us what we make out of it. The original piece was made out of 700 mini Rubik’s Cubes and measures 25×43”.
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