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Juice Wrld


American rapper, Juice Wrld, shot to stardom with his deep lyrics that tackle mental health, drug abuse, addictions and detachment. His recent posthumous album, released earlier in 2020 with the biggest debut week of the year, opened up to tackle his own legacy, as demons lurk around every corner. 'Legends Never die' is aptly named a manifestation of sin and lurking temptation. I wanted to capture his mindset amidst his overdose in December 2019 by taking his poignant lyric, "We ain't making it past 21." I used psychedelic colours to match Juice's ethereal lyrics. 'Lean Wit Me' is arguably one of the greatest tracks to reference Juice's addiction to psychedelics , fast approaching 1 billion views. ÊIt has been digitally enhanced with movement and animation by JP.
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