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Trippy₳D₳ is a series of trippy CNFT projects by husband and wife creative team Jason and Mitzi Purcell (Dabby and Moonfly). It is the product of our lifelong obsession with art and design, combined with a newfound obsession with CNFTs and love of the Cardano community. We have also partnered with Huth S0lo of CNFT Hub to handle all of the minting for our project, as well as Oracle_Alliance to provide some amazing animations for our art.

The first drop in the series is “TrippyLips”, a collection of 22 pieces based on M00Nfly’s previous works, which she has been making for over 15 years. Trippy lips are a psychedelic interpretation of multiple generations. The Lips are a metaphor for images that are repeated throughout history that give us meaning without words. Images of Lips have been used to represent liberated, wild and free women since the 1960’s. M00Nfly created her own version of lips to represent herself, others and her psychedelic journey through time. Trippy Lips were inspired by her first psychedelic experience. This would lead her down a rabbit hole of questions about art, society and the universe. She wanted to draw on the visual inspiration of her past psychedelic experiences to create art that expands your consciousness and awareness of the world around you. Series 1 of Trippy Lips will draw inspiration from the events of the 1960’s, series 2 will represent the 1970’s, and so on.

All artwork produced by Trippy₳D₳ is original and hand drawn by @M00NflyCNFT.

All NFTs require community approval and support before they become Active drops by hitting the heart(1) or rocket(10) symbols alongside the work. It’s currently set at 15, Artist’s cannot set a drop date to go live to the public without these likes. The more likes their work gets the higher they appear in our most popular tables.

Only account holders that login can vote so creators should engage friends to create accounts and come to the platform to vote on their work to launch it 🚀🚀

This creates a bigger audience for everyone and we all win as a team ❤️

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