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My Profile TillyONE - Harmony Validator Network.

New and upcoming validator in the Harmony protocol! 🙂

I’m a California native Systems Administrator. My first PC as a kid was a 486DX (this REALLY dates me :/), and I’ve been into technology ever since. More importantly I’m a father of two great boys & have a wonderful wife who helps guide me, looks out for our family, and cares for those in need every day.

I first found out about Harmony in early 2021. The term “sharding” first made me smirk but also piqued my interest. Learning about ONE’s technology on how it can be so agile yet still secure is amazing to me. When I saw Harmony’s video demonstrating their two-second finality, I bought my ONEs the same night. Since then, I’ve staked, stayed up on its news & commented where I can help.

Why Stake with TillyONE?

My passion for IT and investment in cyptocurrency makes becoming a validator the “next logical step” for me. This isn’t a business where one can retire overnight (or anytime soon) & I am OK with that. I want to gain the experience to help others make ONE easy to use for daily use.

** Senior Systems Administrator with over ten years in the Information Technology sector.

** Started buying crypto in mid-2019. Found and staked in the Harmony ONE crypto-currency since early 2021.

** Active on Reddit for over five years. Always reading r/CryptoCurrency, r/harmony_one & r/harmony_markets.

** Validator network goals: Help decentralize ONE, participate more in it’s growth & help others learn about Harmony.

****Tilly; What is a “Tilly”? She was the half lab half beagle family dog from 2005 to 2014. Tilly was the first “family member” I was responsible to take care of her since she was born.****

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This creates a bigger audience for everyone and we all win as a team ❤️

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