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I have found a tremendous cache of ancient artifacts. I have tried reporting my find to all the correct authorities, but nobody will even come and look, because my finds dont fit the current narrative. Mastodons and mammoths died about 13,000 years ago, and apparently humans did not arrive until 9000 years ago. I have been finding mastodon carvings and fossils. I have been finding ancient painted stones and effigies as well as massive megalithic carvings. I have been told it is river washed stone, they arent anything, there is no way art could last that long, and my favorite- early humans didnt have art.
A lot of people have invested their careers in the Clovis First hypothesis- that the Clovis people came across the land bridge 13000 years ago and populated the Americas over 1000 years, my finds challenge the validity Clovis First.
The NFT’s I am listing for sale are my attempt to create a real world application for Crypto by creating a library of artifacts to counter theft and poaching. By purchasing an NFT of the artifacts from The Moji site you are supporting my effort to preserve this ancient history, through documentation on the blockchain.
None of the actual artifacts are available for sale, many are in National Parks and have been left in place, and objects I am allowed to collect are photographed and returned, with a few items in my custody until a suitable place to donate them to, presents itself.
No NFTs will be repeated, once they are released, and series will be final and clearly indicated, but there may be several NFTs of the same object.
New NFT’s will be released as new objects are found and documented.
All artifacts are real items I have found. I have no real confirmation nor carbon dating to take an informed guess at ages, but I am confident it is all pre-columbian First Nations.
With Your Help, This Work Can Be Catalogued And Protected For Generations To Come, Rather Than Being Poached, Never To Be Seen Again.
Thank You
-District Lithic

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