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When I share my story, I often say I am blessed to have lived the life I have and just as often I will get looks of confusion and questions like, “How can you say that?”. I don’t believe I’ve had it any harder than anyone else, but I can say I’ve experienced and survived a lot of situations that maybe the “average” person has not.

As a child I was sexually abused by the man that was supposed to be my protector. I attempted suicide for the first time at 7. I was an angry and sought out equally destructive outlets for it. I associated with groups of other angry young people that chose to turn their anger on other groups of people just because they looked different. I also found I could numb the pain with drugs and alcohol. I managed to keep things together enough to play baseball in junior college but my body started to break down from the abuse on and off the field. I had 3 significant surgeries in succession. This was 2004, when OxyContin was advertised as nonaddictive. My case alone would have been able to shut that down.30 Oxy’s a month turned to 30 Oxy’s a week that turned to heroin that turned to fentanyl that became heroin and meth. I spent my 20’s and most of my 30’s shooting dope, breaking into people’s home’s and holding everyone in my proximity, emotionally hostage. I was also in and out of jail and prison. Somewhere during all of that, I also managed to get married, and divorced. Twice. And, have a daughter that I’m still fighting to earn my way back into her life.

I am blessed! Without all of those “traumatic” events, I wouldn’t be the man I am today: compassionate, understanding, can talk to anyone from any position in life and convey a message of hope, creative and strong. I am an alcoholic. Yes, drugs were my thing, but AA is where I found my Solution. My art is one of the many healthy outlets I have today.

I am blessed!

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