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My Profile See monsters ( William Lacerda).

William Lacerda
Fine Arts student at the Federal Rural University of Rio de Janeiro.
Art showed me a magical, autonomous, subjective path, without tying and without limits to achieve.
I get very excited in the process of creating an image/art, when I come across a world of the subconscious materializing in a flat space, forming lines, points, shapes, colors and feelings.
I am born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, I am currently 30 years old, Art has always been present in my life, my father made wooden masks, and painted some pictures of landscapes from the northeast. Influenced by the act of artistic creation I started making small drawings of action figures lol. in the school notebook, or there was a blank space, I still don’t know why I didn’t go to graffiti, but there’s still time.

I’m going on the side too, with the degree, I’m teaching myself at a school in the municipality of Seropedica in the Baixada Fluminense. The sensation of seeing the eyes of young people shining because they are having contact with Art is inexplicable, something that in Brazilian culture, it is up to us emerging artists to introduce around us!

The Nft universe is being a soft and solid cloud, different from the job market where you feel trapped, empty, producing something that doesn’t reach you!
The web 3.0 !! the power returning to our hands, and what we do with that power, we make everyone fly together!

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