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“Every man dies. Not every man lives.”
– William Wallace

To passionately embrace Life with all I’ve got and to suck the marrow from the bone, breaking free from all fears has been my mission since about 19 years of age. I struggle for this freedom every single day. This struggle fuels my Art and it inspires me to go within myself in search of connection through daily meditation and introspection and to go outward in search of connection with all of you through my Music and Art.

I’ve been a professional artist and musician for most of my life. These two creative poles have pushed and pulled at me for decades, always taking me in different directions. NFTs provide an exciting landscape where I can combine both of these passions into my original Music/Art NFT EXPERIENCES for my collectors to enjoy.

I am an old school Artist. I have spent thousands of hours working in the traditional Art ways: drawing, painting, observing, listening, researching, experimenting, practicing and playing with many different types of media. Now, with my NFTs, I start with an old school physical work of Art, I digitize it, create a piece of music which becomes the soundtrack, and I use my digital software to transform it into a new school work of Art. It’s a BLAST!!

I believe we are in the midst of a global and personal Revolution. We are all being led from the darkness of our egos and fear into the brightness of our truth and beauty. My Art is a reflection of my own personal evolution.
I am an Artist of The Revolution.

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