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Growing up I was always inspired by art and music. At the age of 19 I started working various jobs in the entertainment industry. I started in hip-hop during high school, performing at and promoting local shows. I moved into DJing events and running audio for shows, in part because it was easier to find guaranteed work.
I come from Colorado, USA. My father’s family is from the four corners area of the SW United States, and my mother is half African-American and half German. Being a single dad to my amazing son has been the major driving force in my life for the last 12 years.
I also have a passion for science and tech, so I went to school for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology in my early 20’s after receiving a substantial scholarship. I did plant pathology research for a while, and then worked in the hemp industry to manufacture cannabis concentrates. The money was decent at times, but I dreaded many aspects of my day to day grind.
I was an early crypto trader, starting in 2016 with Bitcoin. It got to the point recently where I was completely sick of my corporate job, missed making art, and had decent regular gains from crypto/NFTs. So I quit my job, and started looking for ways I could do this type of work full time. I have been elated about life again ever since! I wake up excited to see what’s taking place, and what I can contribute everyday in this space.

I am excited to get to know everyone more, and build together. Let’s MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

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