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My Profile Rebecca Hurn.

Rebecca’s songs are original, beautiful productions of pop folk, acoustic and electric music. They are lyrically emotive, sometimes crushing or happy but always thought provoking.

Prior to the pandemic Rebecca was spending and sharing time performing in the USA particularly New York City where she is heavily connected to the musical avenues of NYC turning heads at renowned venues, supported and awarded by The New York Songwriters Circle. Five performances there in 2019. Rebecca has consequently seen a significant boost in her fanbase in the USA. Rebecca is presently in New York City.

Rebecca During 2021 has written a body of work worthy of a debut album release – 3 songs of which are ready now with the additional seven tracks to be produced and mastered for the debut album release in October 2022.

In less than three years as an unsigned independent artist Rebecca has achieved the following:-
5 global songwriting nominations
4 different original songs
3 years
2 global awards
1 NFT drop

We don’t believe there is an unsigned independent artist anywhere in the UK with such critical acclaim in respect of music industry awards.
Rebecca has always kept her eye on the music industry and in particular how technology can be part of an artists toolkit. Rebecca was in fact the first artist in Wales & UK to specifically have IT people at AWAL (part of Sony Music) to build at her request a pre save facility prior to release for her global award winning ‘Waves’. Now a global industry standard for all artists.

This is the next step in Rebecca’s continuing evolution as a forward facing artist; to make available to her fans and particularly digital asset collectors an affordable non-fungible token in respect of the global award winning song ‘Waves’

Only a limited number of these NFT’s are available as unique cryptographic tokens that exist on a blockchain and cannot be replicated.

This is about the evolution of music as collectable digital art form.

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