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We have been operating since June 2021 in 4 states in Brazil with over 150 people being impacted financially and over 200 people being impacted with our education sessions. We partner with nonprofits located in these regions to support us on onboarding new people into our P4C community, understanding their needs and measuring the SROI (Social Return Over Investment).

Our 3 main pillars are:
NFT art: We facilitate the creation, mint and sale of NFT for artists from favelas so they can reach people globally using web3 tools and the revenue goes to local NGOs.
NFT games: We use NFT games to create income generation opportunities and incentivize learning in underserved communities.
Education: Besides generating income we partner with organizations to offer education sessions covering hard skills such as blockchain development and financial literacy as well as soft skills like leadership, communication and creativity.

The funds raised will be allocated to Play4Change’s partner NGOs located in underrepresented communities in Brazil.

All NFTs require community approval and support before they become Active drops by hitting the heart(1) or rocket(10) symbols alongside the work. It’s currently set at 15, Artist’s cannot set a drop date to go live to the public without these likes. The more likes their work gets the higher they appear in our most popular tables.

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This creates a bigger audience for everyone and we all win as a team ❤️

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