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Hi my name is Olalekan Gideon, artistically known as OlamiheART. I’m a Nigerian self-taught pencil artist.

I started drawing as a little kid, I found inspiration in art, following several artists and was fascinated by their ability to start with a blank paper and create magic. I have always been enthusiastic about creating realistic drawings on paper. Afterward, I gradually taught myself how to use pencils and paper in harmony as a medium to express myself.

Some of my drawings are majorly on facial expressions which tells a story happening in my environment, such as – Agony, Mental health issue and many others. All of these expressions reflects on the human face.

My medium and materials are; Graphite pencils, Charcoal pencils, Erasers, Blending stumps, Paint brushes and Drawing paper.

My future plans include more art creations. I would love to be able to have my own art gallery, where I can present my projects, continue to grow and inspire others.
I’m excited to work with MADinArt!.

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