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Art has always been a huge part of my life, from my dad buying me Spiderman comics when I was 5, to constantly running around exhibitions in London. It’s been a passion and an addiction to create.
I’ve spent time struggling to get on my feet when I was young, bypassing art school or any formal education in design, illustration or the fine arts
Comics have ways been a mainstay in my creation, as well as sculpture, and any other medium I’ve managed to get my hands on, usually creating either dark fantasy art, or cartoon illustrations.
My work really took off after a tribute piece I created for the passing of Carrie Fisher. After a successful opening to my Instagram page, trending again with work posted by Chris Hemsworth, James Gunn and Ryan Reynolds to name a few.

The majority of my work is created on an iPad with my finger. I’ve given up on traditional mediums so I can be more mobile with my work.
Last year my work went global with several images I created to promote and praise healthcare workers and Frontliners around the world that culminated in the publication of my first solo art book.
I continue to grow my Instagram following which is currently over 250,000, where I receive most of my commissions, as well as experimenting and working towards the publication of another artbook stretching the boundaries of sci-fi art and surrealism.

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