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A native of Colorado and raised in Montbello, Maleman grew up loving to rap and listen to Hip Hop. “Coming up, I would listen to so many different artists and rappers it’s unquantifiable.” He says, “But what drew me to some of my favorites like Tupac, Lil Wayne, even Brotha Lynch, and all the other greats, aside from their lyrics and song content was their personalities. I feel like they were great at showing who they were through their music, I also loved the way they were able to strike people’s emotions, I’ve always thought that was powerful”.

To date, Maleman is a very well known artist and performer, who has collaborated with Cassidy, Kat Graham, Duane DaRock, Trev Rich and Big Sean. His work can be found on most major streaming services.

Inspired by Sway Calloway and Big Tigger, Maleman found his love for Hip Hop and Urban format music stations. From a young age, Maleman had a very strong fascination for radio and understood the value of education. So much so, he’s an MSU Denver Grad of Broadcasting and Music Journalism. Catch Maleman Live on THE DROP 104.7fm Mon-Thu Midnight to 3 am and Saturday’s Noon to 4 pm.

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