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My Profile Light It Up DAO.

We intend to become one of the first blockchain enabled production companies. We are building a community for people who are passionate about creating art with light. We want to be together, and we love to display enormous, generous, and poignant images in outdoor spaces to delight, inform, and inspire the public.

In part, our purpose is to raise awareness around causes and groups that need visibility, and we want to partner with organizations to educate the public about the collective, public, or social benefit of the organization. We are particularly ardent about educating women in the developing world, supporting LGBTQA+ youth, and caring for our mother earth.

We also want to support digital artists by putting their indoor digital art outside on buildings. We want to educate artists about NFTs and help them to prosper on the Harmony blockchain.

We are producing photography NFT collections to create a revenue stream shared between our treasury and the organizations with whom we partner. We will educate organizations about the NFT space, and how to create revenue and utility using NFTs. We will educate our partners and the public about DAO formation, the benefits of DAO governance, and onboard them to Harmony.

Our projections are often provided free as a revenue stream via NFTs for small budget orgs. We are also available for ‘deep pocket’ orgs at a cost, and that money all goes to the community treasury.

We are people who want to spend all of our time in Web3. We are passionate about changing the world through this technology, and we can’t help but talk about it all the time.

By purchasing our NFTs you support our efforts to spread light around the world.

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