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LaynoProd is the biggest Filipino-American artist & producer from the San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles, California. His music is soulful, melodic trap mixed with chill, Westcoast rap mixed with R&B, EDM & Pop. Born in 1997, LaynoProd grew up to his parents 70s & 80s music & his older siblings 90s & 2000s music. In 2011, he learned how to produce on FL Studio when he was a freshman in high school, often collaborating with his cousin Russell Groovy. He was inspired by the Hip-Hop culture & videos of legendary producers on Youtube. In 2014, LaynoProd released his debut instrumental EP Mind Body Loops.

In 2015, he attended college at the USC Thornton School of Music & learned how to audio engineer on Pro Tools. In 2017-2018, he released his 2nd instrumental EP Retro Groovin & many singles. In 2019, he released two EPs as an artist, PRAY FOR THE RICH & SERVE THE POOR. In May 2019, LaynoProd graduated with a major in Music Business & minor in Audio Engineering. In August 2019, he worked for the audio tech company McDSP.

In 2020 & 2021, LaynoProd worked for the producer community Producergrind & released his 3rd EP THANK YOU GOD & many singles. In 2022, he dropped a few singles for NFT communities. In March 2022, LaynoProd released his 1st Album VAN GOGH IN THE MATRIX featuring 10 songs about escapism vs realism & his life as the artist “FILIPINO VAN GOGH”. In May 2022, LaynoProd released the single “walkin on zuma” for his 2nd Album VAN GOGH IN THE VALLEY.

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