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Jon-Paull Birch (JP) born July 1986 in South Wales; United Kingdom.
From a young age he loved to draw , following in his family’s footsteps being painters, wood carvers and a long list of artists. His love for drawing came at an early age copying the illustrations of Roald Dahl books whilst also recreating his own versions whilst the rest of his classroom read their books.
13 years later a multi award winning Tattoo artist with a long list of celebrity clientele.
Covid 19 and the 2020 pandemic was life changing for many people and even more so for Jon Paull. Eighteen months of closed businesses and bumping into the character known as SKIN. In that short moment began what is known as ‘MADinArt’. They created the company based on their frustrated journeys as innovative artists trying to monetise their artwork, identifying the common struggle of artists globally. This led to SKINS iconic celebrity portrait paintings being digitally enhanced by JP, turning over $250,000 in their first month of creating NFTs. 12 months down the line they have secured many innovative first in the space along with a newly formed partnership with Harmony One blockchain along with many other vital figures in the crypto space. With a unique eye for business, innovation and drive for success their projects are formidable using technology, design and future utility. Welcome to MAD NFTs.

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