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My Profile Josh Williams.

From a young age, I’ve been surrounded by a house of artistic expression, my Dad and sister being incredible artists, and my mum finding creative ways to make the house, and especially our lives that much more beautiful.

Starting with pencil drawing at a young age, I was set on capturing anything I drew with perfect accuracy and developed a talent for producing high-quality fine art. However, when I began creating artwork in school I realised that art wasn’t about perfectly copying something onto a piece of paper, but about bringing that scene, that portrait, that landscape to life through your own means of expression.

Since that realisation, I have experimented with a wide number of mediums, from watercolours, inks, pallet knife work, digital art, and recently VR art. I am still trying to break out of the constraints built into my artwork that pushes me towards perfect accuracy and I’m trying to become more experimental with each piece I produce. I feel that each of these new forms of expressions are unlocking new pathways in my mind of how I perceive art and I’m excited to see where these paths lead.

By following my journey I’d like to give you a peak into the mind of a perfectionist breaking free from the constraints that many of us find we’ve placed upon ourselves. My greatest hope is that my artwork will help others break down their own preconceptions of what they believe is possible for them to achieve, and instead realise that anything is possible once you’ve decided you have no limits.

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