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Each NFT is designed with great purpose. The Island17 Origin NFT embodies the sacred geometrical ratio of the tetrahedron. Metaphysically, the 64 tetrahedron is symbolic to linking up our individual spiritual paths with our star or soul family in perfect harmony. All Crystals will be offered in 13 different colors and sounds embodying the time-tested expanded energetic chakra code to five additional metaphysical chakras, a necessary conduit bridging business with spirituality, energetics and governance. In essence, Island17 is founded by the most sacred bond in the universe; mother and child and contains the lotus flower within, a symbol of purity, enlightenment, self-regeneration and rebirth. The flower of life pattern on each Crystal represents the female tetrahedron; symbolic of our mission to incorporate perfect geometry represented in nature, and a requisite for greater inclusion of women and children.

Together, these Crystals interlock creating the Island17 Orb of Zoltha, which is the gateway to the primary challenge each player must complete to enter Island17. As the Crystals are purchased, the Orb will randomly scatter the Crystals throughout our Metaverse. Each Crystal will possess a yet-to-be-determined ‘power’ which will be developed by youth through our proven accelerator projects, and will be compulsory for players to overcome in order to advance their missions. Through gamification, these Crystals will attain greater value as they will be tradeable or available for sale in a secondary market which is an integral differentiator to this offering as owners are not simply purchasing art. In other words, once our Metaverse is built, Island17 will ‘Exit to Community’ in the cryptocurrency space, or go ‘public,’ attaining additional NFT value as the Metaverse is built.

All NFTs require community approval and support before they become Active drops by hitting the heart(1) or rocket(10) symbols alongside the work. It’s currently set at 15, Artist’s cannot set a drop date to go live to the public without these likes. The more likes their work gets the higher they appear in our most popular tables.

Only account holders that login can vote so creators should engage friends to create accounts and come to the platform to vote on their work to launch it 🚀🚀

This creates a bigger audience for everyone and we all win as a team ❤️

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