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Hello, my name is Fran Afonso, I am a Visual Artist, Photographer and Content Creator.

The basis of my Visual Arts are my Photographs, which I use as a canvas on which I compose my work. I consider myself a very restless person; I constantly have new ideas that I want to capture in my art. I also have many interests ranging from landscapes, nature, plants, animals, pop culture, space, the sky, portraits and whatever captivates me; for which my work is very varied.

I like to appreciate things as they are, to reflect on them; their shapes, their textures, their colors and return them to the world under a new interpretation, a new look with their own colors, shapes and textures. I like to take something from reality and transform it into something unreal, but leaving evidence that demonstrates its belonging to reality.

Since 2021 I have been using NFTs and Blockchain Technology to distribute my work to the public and locate myself in different Art markets, as well as obtain economic resources that allow me to continue working and continuing my artistic journey. I include my work as an Artist within the “Sowing A Country (Sembrando un País)” Project (of which I am Co-Director) because both things are integral and inseparable parts of my life, not to mention that one thing led me to the other.

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