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For as long as I can remember, I have been passionate about art and everything that involves creating.  I come from a very artistic home. My mom and my grandmothers always leaned a lot towards art and they instilled it in me. At school, I loved taking care of activities related to crafts, such as making murals, helping with the scenography of school plays, etc. That is when I discovered I was into crafting and creating art out of any material. Since I was little, I have always liked to draw.  But from the age of 12, I began to work more seriously and dedicate more time to it.  Over the years I have improved my techniques a lot.  I have specialized mostly in pencil portraits. After graduating from school, I had the opportunity to travel to take abstract art and anatomical drawing courses at Toronto School of Art.

I am currently studying Architecture in Panama.  It is a career closely related to art and it has been a new way of experimenting and growing in this area.  It is a demanding career, but at the same time I love it, even if it takes time from my arts and projects. I am always trying out new techniques and ways to be more creative. That is how I got into making Rubiks Cubes portraits. My dad takes care of getting the Rubiks Cubes, my mom helps me with the digital art and my four sisters help me solve the pieces out. It quickly turned into a fun and original family project and it has helped me grow on social media, which has brought me great opportunities at work, locally and internationally. With the fall of the pandemic, I have been presented with many opportunities.  Since almost everything is handled online at the moment, the current situation has been a push to expand my small hand-painted portrait business.  I have been able to give my classes online while working from home on my projects. I was able to add the Rubiks Cubes mosaics within my arts, and it is currently one of the largest projects I have worked on.

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