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From a very young age, all I wanted to do at school was my art classes; experiment, explore and make mess. I would look at anything and pull out the colours to think how I would paint it. So naturally this was the only direction for me and studied Art at Reading University for four years. This was a very contemporary course experimenting in video animation, sculpture, collage, but painting has always been my favourite form of expression and my ultimate passion.

Always wanting to push creative boundaries, after moving to London I was lucky enough to fall into the world of Interior Design. This I LOVE, and Art obviously has a huge part to play as it comes hand in hand to make a space great; evoking emotion, inspiration and sets the tone of a room. It’s like experiencing art through different eyes rather than just a creator. It is a super important and an integral part to every single one of my designs.

When lockdown hit, I wanted to pick my painting passion back up and fell back in love with it straight away. My latest series started with music icons inspired from listening to my favourite albums whilst doing my lockdown 5k runs,

I think that is what I enjoy most about painting iconic figures, you really live and breathe that person and that excitement and commitment really shows in the final piece. I get fully imbedded and am super passionate about each and every painting.

But for me the icon wasn’t enough, the music is so inspiring and mood boosting, I wanted to reflect that emotion by adding additional layers of colour to my work. To my surprise this picked up a lot of interest and has resulted in a long list of commissions ranging from Rockstars, DJs, Reggae artists, Sports Stars and more.

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