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At a young age I realised if I wanted to become good / better than everyone else I had to work 10X harder than the person who worked the hardest – I had to become better then the best, so at the age of 16 I set an impossible goal for myself – my goal was to make at least 1 drawing every single day for 10 years! I worked day and night – while my friends went out to the city to party, I stayed home to work. Nothing was going to take me away from my dream! In the 10 years I skipped only few days because I was way too sick to move, I felt guilty about skipping even a few days, which drove me to work even harder. My right hand even hurt from overworking myself – so I switched to my left hand and started painting everyday with my left until my right got better. I learned so much in these 10 years but there was so much more to learn!

16 years later I set another goal I’m still doing today – making art each day! It’s now become a habit I can’t break. I work 24/7 and have a blast doing it! I feel like at this point I can do whatever I want in whatever medium I want and I will succeed. The knowledge gained from the non-stop work of the last 16 years is finally paying off through the pieces I love to create. I have worked in so many mediums, sand, salt, gunpowder, glow ink, tape, dust, water, invisible, smoke, ash, blood, digital and more – I love to invent ways to do art that shocks people!

Whatever my future is, I want it to be something where I can use creativity and create in any form or shape. Learning new things and improving is the best feeling I know. I’m eager to improve, get better, and spread positivity in any way I can. I love to inspire others and teach Artists to think outside of the box!

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