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Originally born and raised in the UK, I now live in Malta. As a quiet and reserved child, I spent much of my childhood analysing the details of everyday objects, the textures, the shadows, the lines and colours. It was only in recent years that I realised that many artists see the world in this way too.
I like to describe my innate need to draw or paint, or even just to create something as having “itchy fingers.” I first started taking drawing seriously when I was about 14 years old. Since then, art, especially watercolours, became an important part of my life. When I discovered mandalas, I was mesmerised. Determined to teach myself to paint them, I let my beloved watercolours fall to the side for the following four years, while I perfected painting mandalas in acrylic on pebbles, wooden plaques, boxes, wooden spoons and recently on canvas. I find the dot technique fascinating and I have fully adopted it. Painting mandalas is incredibly absorbing and therapeutic. Each mandala is unique, and although the original Buddhist meaning of mandalas is that they represent the universe, I believe they can be interpreted in so many ways.
In 2019, with the support and encouragement from my husband, I finally quit my job and decided to open an art gallery/studio. It was an amazing experience to display artworks of local artists, host workshops and art classes and to become more involved in the world of art. Unfortunately, this was short-lived as when Covid19 struck, I was forced to close down and return to my old job for a year.
Now, having left my job again, I work with my husband in our gift shop, ‘Any Artist’ selling handmade gifts and jewellery. I have set up my studio in the basement of the shop where I have my own space to paint full time and give lessons to children.

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