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Katie Chapman aka Chappers was born June 1994 in Portsmouth, England but now resides in Swansea, Wales.

Merging her passion for art and cartoons from a very young age, Chappers enjoyed replicating cartoon characters through pencil drawing during her free time and even throughout her school years. Finding it hard to enjoy many subjects at school, Art was always an effortless way to express herself and what she enjoyed through various mediums, from fine art to painting.

Chappers’ favourite art styles are pop art, illustrative and cartoon, which she tries to portray in her work. A number of her early celebrity, self-portrait designs that she would post on social media, even gained recognition from the American reality stars and DJ’s themselves.

In 2021, Chappers found her dream career in tattooing. Currently studying as a Tattoo Apprentice, her mentor had introduced her to the NFT world. This new platform for art has allowed Chappers to create digital designs for her own enjoyment whilst learning new skills and finding out more fun facts about her chosen sporting legends.

For her season ticket holders [fans], she will provide early access to collection drops. Future plans, you’ll score Kobe Bryant, Wayne Gretzky, NFL players, F1 drivers, amongst others.

In the future, she hopes to be slam dunking collections of the top sporting legends for buyers to enjoy.

All NFTs require community approval and support before they become Active drops by hitting the heart(1) or rocket(10) symbols alongside the work. It’s currently set at 15, Artist’s cannot set a drop date to go live to the public without these likes. The more likes their work gets the higher they appear in our most popular tables.

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This creates a bigger audience for everyone and we all win as a team ❤️

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