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I’m Roimhie Damiano, I go by the nickname “Boow”. At a young age, I knew that I was born for art. No matter where I go, I can see each and every line, every tangible thing forms something. It is everywhere around me. I think not everyone can see what I can see. It takes the right pair of eyes to appreciate what I see. I believe that art can change my life and the world I walk in.

Ten years ago, I decided to continue and pursue my passion for art. Many people tried to talk me out of it and told me it was pointless, even lifeless. I never listen to  them… I proved them wrong. I learned a lot through the years, I made art as an avenue to help those who are in need and it further inspired me. I taught indigenous people about it and used what I earned from my commissions to help farmers and homeless people.

When the pandemic struck in my country, I was able to draw more than a thousand faces as commissions and every penny was used to help local farmers, homeless people, indigenous people, and those who need it. It is bliss for me to help them out using what I was put on this earth to do. When I saw the smiles across their faces I found the true purpose of art.

I have explored different kinds of mediums but using a ballpoint pen is by far my favourite. The peace it gives me in every stroke as my pen dances on the ivory white paper, is almost addicting. It helps me ease my depression and my anxiety in  a very therapeutic way. My father took his own life, and as one who witnessed the fall of a man, I don’t want to end that way. That’s why I also am using my art, to raise awareness about our mental health.

I also want to collaborate with different brands, have my own art gallery, and  especially, teach homeless children about art and all its beauty. While I am fulfilling

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