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My Profile Blockchain Gender Hackathon.

Harmony and Polygon are launching a hackathon in Nairobi, Kenya to introduce the Web3 protocol and develop gender solutions on-chain. During the three day event, teams of developers, gender experts, idea-generators, and technical experts will design and build digital products, tools, and apps geared toward sustainable and transformative changes in women’s lives. In the opening remarks, a panel of gender experts will discuss today’s most pressing challenges to foster a thorough understanding of the topic and inspire project ideas.

The teams will try to identify root issues and develop solutions that provide a real opportunity for social impact. We hope the event will inspire young leaders to explore the Web3 world and gain first-hand experience of its true potential. Having recognized the value, solution building can expand into financial inclusion, identity, health care, education, traceability, and more.

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This creates a bigger audience for everyone and we all win as a team ❤️

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