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We highlight the best #NFT #artists on the eco-friendly #harmonyoneprotocol Listen to the podcast on the link below:

Funds raised by the Best of Harmony One project will be staked with small validators to help decentralization in Harmony One, and help keep the small guys afloat. Rewards from that staking will be used to further promote Best of Harmony One projects via advertising and prize giveaways as well as contests and paid collaborations.

All NFTs require community approval and support before they become Active drops by hitting the heart(1) or rocket(10) symbols alongside the work. It’s currently set at 15, Artist’s cannot set a drop date to go live to the public without these likes. The more likes their work gets the higher they appear in our most popular tables.

Only account holders that login can vote so creators should engage friends to create accounts and come to the platform to vote on their work to launch it 🚀🚀

This creates a bigger audience for everyone and we all win as a team ❤️

No vote to promote drops found for Best of Harmony One

This drop is now live until it sells out. If they are all gone check out our secondary market that’s arriving at the end of this month where all their work will be listed.

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