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My Profile AGStudio.

My name is Ashkan Galehdari, better known as AGStudio, graphic designer and digital artist, based in Amsterdam.
I studied graphic design and did my master’s degree in painting. For the past ten years, I have worked on various advertising, cultural and artistic projects.

Studying graphics and painting created a new atmosphere in my art style and led me more and more towards the digital arts, to the point where today I work as a freelancer in the field of digital art.
In my work, I talk about colours, forms, memories and everything we believe in. Things that connect us in different ways, like our memories, like the experience of being in a common space, like a familiar sign, the things we see in our dreams, and all the things we experience in reality.
Sometimes these spaces get so close that it becomes difficult to distinguish reality from fantasy.

I come from a land that influenced me through the forms, patterns, colours and architecture of the buildings there. I try to create a bridge between those ancient and historic spaces and forms with the contemporary life of today with all its complexities, and in the meantime, mostly surreal spaces are formed and the audience can walk in them and visualize themselves in those spaces.

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