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Ilina has been creating works of art since she was a child. Her talent embraces a number of subjects as time moves on; floral, Mediterranean landscapes, nudes, abstracts, animals, clowns, historic and religious pieces are all areas she has put brush to canvas to produce her works of art.

The island of Malta is her home and base inspired by the sun, stand and sea; no doubt 300 days of sunshine give Ilina the energy to paint the local rustic and colourful settings as well as diverse scenes.

Ilina spends a lot of time with individuals keen on a tailored painting to adorn their home or offices.

Ilina’s work adorns various homes and offices. She is proud also have having her Byzantine art work grace various churches in Malta and Jerusalem. In Malta her works can be seen at St. Mary of The Angels in Bahar ic-Caghaq, Divine Mercy Church in San Pawl tat-Targa, Jesuit Chapel in Naxxar and St. Clara’s Monastery in St. Julian’s and Franciscan Order Offices in Valletta.

In Jerusalem Ilina’s work adorns the Church of The Franciscans.

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