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My Profile AnnieRawrz.

Hi, I’m Annie. I’m an emote artist from Germany.
I’ve started out as a Twitch streamer and made a whole bunch of emotes for other streamers. Last year I got into crypto and am now known as the “emote queen of DeFi” – at least that’s what my friends and followers call me. Quite a bunch of crypto communities in the BSC space commissioned me to make emotes/stickers for their Discord and Telegram platform and they love my work. But I never really felt comfortable taking money from the projects I love. Just doesn’t feel right.
So I started making additional emotes for free in exchange for their permission to sell them as NFTs. So… It’s a win-win-win.
The projects I love supporting have their little mascot and get new emotes whenever I feel like it, the community members can buy their favorite emotes as cute little collectable NFTs and I make a name for myself in the NFT space.
The first three collections that I am going to list on are cute af, but they aren’t related to any crypto project though. But I’m sure as I dive deeper into the Harmony space, there will be a bunch of projects I would like to work for as an emote artist and those sets will then end up here. It just makes more sense, you know?

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