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My Profile Aminta Paiz.

For me, it’s exciting to come up with something I haven’t done before. As soon as something becomes comfortable, I move on.
Today, I’m excited that my drawing is being put on a billboard in the US for the second time.
Yesterday, I performed as a flower, silently encouraging strangers to interact. I put stuffing in tights and made a lamp.
In the past, I taught kindergarten, acted in plays, founded a modeling agency for people with all kinds of different bodies. A while back, magazines, fashion brands and tv shows flew me around the world to showcase my style and my way to interpret fashion. I’ve spent many sleepless nights building, styling, photographing, and modeling in sets in my kitchen.
I’ve directed a commercial campaign with over 30 people on set, aliens included, in a landscape of my creation. I drove to the desert, painted my face blue and ran around naked to bring an idea to life.

Feelings are important to me, I spend most of my free time learning about human behavior and mental health. I’ve saved wonderful stuff from the trash. I’ve cooked many good meals. I’m growing a Moringa tree out of seeds. I’ve been a great friend.
I’m originally from Guatemala, but after being a digital nomad for 10 years, now I call Miami home. I don’t know what’s next but I’m sure it’s not on this list yet.

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