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Alizah has always been thirsty to understand why reality is the way it is, growing up in a small town and (material) well to do family yet often feeling empty in side and separate from her surroundings. She questions the status quo and how it matches with her inner reality and work or not, always. As a globe trotter, living in LA, she was pained by the misfortunate of the world, especially of her own materialistic culture, missing what she felt the whole purpose of creation to actually be about. Especially, when she knew people were starving in her own country, and everywhere, people not having enough for even a shelter or food. The irony of the status quo made no sense to her in every way and she decided to make her life about shifting it. Knowing that this is not only about the world around her but her personal life too, she decided to begin to really test her own capacity and attempt to reach unimaginable personal goals, documenting this journey. She has succeeding at this and now works to inspire young women and youth around the world go beyond their own inner limitations, learn from our diversity and build capacity, and the world, internationally together while simultaneously producing media under her own non profit, “Media of Society,” which aims to create the content that will influence social change on a grand scale, while working with girls at the local scale.

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