The Team AboutMAD.

A message from Co Founders JP and SKIN

MAD stands for “Make A Difference” and with everyone’s help, that’s what we intend to do.

We are two passionate, enthusiastic artists, that are excited about helping creators join this brand new space.

Our Mission is to allow all Creators Musicians Influencers and Sports people from all sectors to convert their assets into NFTs. Just think how many talented creators out there that never get rewarded for their efforts.

We are going to give them a shop window like never before. We are also going to decentralise everything allowing the community to decide who they feel deserve the greatest accolades.

This will transform the lives of thousands of Creators around the world and create an explosion of creative expression in this space.

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No matter what your industry, NFTs and the underlying technology offers sustainable, long term money saving replacements as well as new event opportunities.

Collectibles, Gaming, Physical art, Sports, Cultural artefacts and history, Real estate, Music, Video, Digital art, Tickets and authorised access, Education and research.

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